• District 11 4-H Roundup
    District 11 4-H Roundup
  • Sheridan 4-H Sewing Day Camp
    Sheridan 4-H Sewing Day Camp
  • Junior Leadership Lab
    4-H Junior Leadership Lab
  • 4-H Leatherworking Day Camp - Dream Catchers
    4-H Leather Working Day Camp
  • 4h interpretation and day camps 001 (3)
    4-H Commissioner's Court Interpretation Event
  • a_002
    Circus of Health
  • photo 1
    4H Beginner Sewing Day Camp - Aprons
  • photo 2
    4-H Advanced Sewing Day Camp - Christmas Tree Skirts
  • Star Award Recipients
    2014 4-H Star Recipients
  • 2014 I DARE YOU Recipients
    2014 I DARE YOU Recipients
  • Record Book Participants
    2014 Record Book Participants


Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service utilizes local program area committees to gain knowledge of issues or challenges facing residents of Colorado County. Volunteer members of these committees help county agents identify, plan, implement, and evaluate educational programs for the residents of Colorado County. Master volunteers are also being trained by Extension as Master Naturalists and Master Gardeners offering the opportunity for these volunteers to receive more intense training.   Once certified, these master volunteers are able to offer their expertise to clientele.  Many different volunteer opportunities are always available through Extension.  Program area committees, Extension Education Clubs, Master Volunteer Programs, and 4-H Clubs are always in need of new volunteers.

Please contact the Colorado County office of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service if we can be of assistance to you.